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Self care prints

Why all the fuss about self-care and self love? It's a phrase you've probably heard a thousand times by now. But why is it important to love and nourish yourself? Because, as one of the prints in this collection boldly declares: the more you love yourself, the less shit you'll tolerate. 

It sounds so trite, the words probably don't mean anything any more but practice self-love and self-care - genuinely practice it in whichever way is most meaningful for you and watch your world transform. For me - learning to love and care for myself ranged from healing my trauma, eating better and drinking more water to changing my inner dialogue to speak more kindly to myself.

This collection of prints is a celebration of loving and nurturing yourself, to reclaiming your power and reminding yourself that you are worth loving. Every. Single. Day.

And besides. Loving yourself is the greatest form of rebellion ever. Do it. Fuck them.

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